=Green Valley Spaniel Club=
Celebrated 50th anniversary  in 2007
Founded in 1955

upcoming field trials, hunt tests...

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New members are welcome; membership is open to all.  Contact Sect'y below for more info on application, meetings & events.

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Green Valley Spaniel Club is an AKC club in Northern California whose members own and hunt Spaniels. Our members come from all over northern California. Yearly events include a AKC Field Trial for English Springer Spaniels every March, and AKC Spaniel Hunting Test in February.  Meetings are twice/year. Club members often get together for informal training sessions. 

                 We encourage any interested Spaniel person to contact any club officer below, or email
                                     DondonnaG@aol.com for more information on our club or events. 
    2016 OFFICERS
President Mark Gambardella, Danville CA
Vice-Pres Terry Gambardella
Secretary Diane Christiansen, Carson City NV
Treasurer Terry Gambardella
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An AKC dog club dedicated to the hunting spaniels in Northern California, USA
Email Donna Giddens DondonnaG@aol.com
Tel: (925) 837-9620.