=Green Valley Spaniel Club=
An AKC dog club dedicated to the hunting 
  spaniels in Northern California, USA 
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Green Valley Spaniel Club Hunt Test    September 26, 1999  Grizzly Island
For results, see Marked Catalog

Green Valley Spaniel Club Field Trial    March 20-21, 1999    near Santa Nella, CA. 
All-Age Judges:        Rob Barlow of Oregon and Mark Haglin of Minnesota
AMATEUR: (27 starters, 7 dogs went to the 3rd series)
1st:    Sunrise Drumbeat Spencer - "Spencer"
           (FC, AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee x Sunrise Hey Jude)
           O:  Diane and Tony Zablit
           H:  Tony Zablit
2nd:   Abigail Andrews Flushfeather - "Abbey"
           (FC AFC CFNC Pel-Tan Roly x Shawn's Saighton Sadie)
           O:  Terry and Laurie Andrews
           H:  Terry Andrews
3rd:      Maggie of Pheasant Creek - "Maggie"
               (Silver Bullet of Pineshadow x Pineshadows Yamaha Blaster)
           O:  Ron and Cindy Jones
           H:  Ron Jones

4th:       Citation Jacques - "Jack"
               (Citation Charlie x Citation Sunshine)
           O/H:  Larry Lawrence
PUPPY (5 starters, 5 to 2nd series) Judges:  Larry Lawrence and Bob Sanchez
1st:       Watch the Birdie - "Flash"
               (FC Denalisunflos Ring x Pride & Joy's Lady Luck JH)
           O/H: Don Nipper
2nd:       Don's Ginger Snap of Danville - "Snap"
               (FC Denalisunflos Jolly x FC AFC Don's Ginger of Danville)
           O: Don and Donna Giddens
           H:  Don Giddens
3rd:       Drumbeat Dynamic Rhythm - "Dyna"
               (FC AFC Surefire Major Winston x Pretty Lady Tory)
           O:  Diane and Tony Zablit
           H:  Diane Zablit
4th:        Maxwell Smart - "Max"
               (Cascade's Rocketeer x Grouse Wings Sassy-Su)
           O/H:  Gary McNaught

Open All Age (21 starters, 16 to second, 6 to third)
1st:      "Shine"
           O/H Bill Greer
2nd:     "Abbey"
          O/H Terry Andrews
3rd:     "Bandit"
          O/H Dick Vermazen
No 4th place was awarded.

                              Results in GREEN are Green Valley Spaniel Club members.