Action at Sept.1997 Green Valley Hunting Test at Grizzly Island Wildlife Refuge.
This shows "Gauge of Alamo" steady to wing and shot at the Master Hunter level.  He is handled by Wayne Kilpatrick (w/shotgun), a club member.  One of the judges, Phil Claypool, is about to give Wayne the signal to send his dog for the retrieve, while the other judge, Dan Connell, checks something in the cover.   Note "Gauge" is intently marking the fall. 
Wayne Kilpatrick and "Gauge" waiting to go on the line.
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from Green Valley's September 1998 AKC Spaniel Hunt Test
at Grupe Training Grounds near Lodi, California

From top left clockwise:  1) Bill Greer & Gordon Breitbarth judging; 2) Fronci Knifong & Orville Oie outside the Grupe clubhouse; 3) Don Giddens; 4) Sally Lackett, Susan McClair & Richard Lackett; 5) Pluis Davern & her Sussex Spaniel

Painting:  English Springer Spaniels At Rest by John Emms